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How to establish a strong brand identity on social media?

Most marketers now realize the fact that they need to employ and leverage social media sites. But this realization on their part does not necessarily mean they get their strategy right and implement their plan in the best possible ways. Certain apprehensions, concerns and misconceptions stop them from effective social media usage, thus preventing maximization of its potential.

To stay away from this trap, you need to do away with a few, albeit common social media myths. Many think that social media is really simple and quick. Yes, social media does allow a personalized and close one-to-one interaction with your consumers – both existing and prospective. But there is no magic formula to generate business. It may take some time before tangible results start showing up.

  • Your efforts will fructify only after you establish a strong brand identity on social media. For example, you may initiate conversations, run contests, conduct a loyalty program. However, such experiments will take time to deliver. Social media strategy demands patience before conversions occur.
  • The whole process that entails attaining visibility on social sites is time consuming.  Your efforts won’t count for much until and unless you can drive sustained, meaningful traffic through a loyal user base.  A touch of innovation blended with patience will make a campaign to click.
  • While a section of marketers still vouch for traditional media avenues, they need to realize that social media definitely is advantageous to maximize reach. There are enough compelling reasons to use it, especially to access younger people. Brands can employ social channels to provide real-time responses and effective solutions to win the trust of their target audience.
  • Companies can in a way, use followers as brand ambassadors. It’s not simply enough to market products/services. A business also needs them to create brand awareness and establish its credentials in the social realm. More importantly, social networking channels are comparatively easier to manage and to monitor. Once hosted, the social identity remains relevant.
  • Though most businesses are understandably enthused by its amazing reach and boundless power, a large number of them struggle while keeping their social media initiatives going. They begin with great zest and enthusiasm. However, the euphoria won’t last for long, as the experience shows.
  • Ultimately, a campaign fails to deliver owing to lack of support and follow-up. Every social media initiative demands attention and resource allocation for it to deliver results. It is not the dynamics of this powerful medium that is at fault, but its improper usage that should be blamed. In other words, boosting your social media presence seeks expertise, skills and proper tools.

To sum it up, monitoring and measuring a campaign’s results are equally important as establishing it so as to ensure consistent results.