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How to evaluate a resource for guest posting?

With the growing challenges in the realm of SERPs, many businesses and agencies online are recognizing the need for effective usage of techniques, such as guest posting that can propel the search engine rankings. Guest posting seems a very easy method to push though, but it demands a combination of high-quality writing skills and expert advice for the technique to work. It’s the actual execution that will determine whether the links collated indeed are high-quality.

Even if you’re not turning to guest blogging activity specifically as a link building strategy, some of the factors mentioned below are worth considering:.

  • Spammy links owing to carelessly executed guest blogging plans can become the potential problem area in the future. The quality and relevance of the site should be your primary concern. In other words, you must look for signs of genuineness and integrity of the resource you are going to guest post to this is to make sure that they won’t be compromising your link profile by perhaps opting to overtly sell links later (making it appear like you paid for that link as well).
  • The publisher might simply open the floodgates to random guest post submissions, thus diminishing the value of your post dramatically and lumping your website in with many others you wouldn’t like to be clubbed with!. You obviously will not be in a position to tell whether or not a link is going to turn bad in the future. However, you must strive to minimize the chances of this. Observing some of the basic site criteria will help to achieve that goal.
  • The site should be reasonably established in its domain and considered an authoritative source, run by a respected thought-leader. A definite sign of integrity is defined editorial as well as business objectives. Check that a ‘real’ institution or organization is there behind the resource. Verify the correctness physical address and other contact details.
  • Another pointer to ascertain the scope for guest post opportunities is dynamic social media activity built around the resource. An active and meaningful presence on networking platforms sure is a sign of life. Other elements that further boost your confidence about the resource are e-mail newsletters. They give you an indication of the fact that the website owner/ publisher is at least making an attempt to be in forefront of the activity within their community. This means they’re running a genuine site.
  • Of course, this is not a hard and fast rule. An active Facebook page does not now necessarily mean that the blogger won’t vanish in another six months time. However, a basic check will give some indication about such kinds of things. Again, don’t necessarily treat higher number of social network profiles plus links to those in the sidebar as better. Instead insist on the quality and depth of interactions on these platforms.

As we gradually move towards a cluttered link landscape, which looks set to incorporate factors, such as AgentRank or AuthorRank, you must put extra emphasis on guest posting on a site run by credible organizations individuals, perceived to have a high degree of trust, authority and expertise. This is likely to put you ahead of the curve.