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How to evaluate a resource for guest posting?

With the growing challenges in the realm of SERPs, many businesses and agencies online are recognizing the need for effective usage of techniques, such as guest posting that can propel the search engine rankings. Guest posting seems a very easy method to push though, but it demands a combination of high-quality writing skills and expert advice for the technique to work. It’s the actual execution that will determine whether the links collated indeed are high-quality. Continue reading

Things to consider when selecting a potential link partner

For qualifying a potential link partner, you obviously should look for the compatibility factor. Though, checking the site content need not be a full-fledged, thorough and time consuming exercise. Rather look for indications in the form of titles and the About page. Basic article titles and intros can inform you not only what the overall site is about, but also its tone and approach and whether the website matches your business profile. Continue reading

8 less tangible albeit key metrics to qualify a link prospect

There are certain less tangible hints, which an epic link builder should learn to draw on. We shall consider some of them aspects, which can tell you a lot about the website, its quality and the extent of its SEO friendliness as well as its willingness to link up. There are aspects, such as domain and URL structure, knowing if the website is canonicalized, and frequency of content updates, among others, to look out for. Continue reading

Tips to monitor and manage your links

There are two broad types of authorities to define links’ relevance – Absolute authority and relative authority. Sites such as Google’s blog and The Daily Beast can be classified as the absolute authority. These are also termed ‘informational’ authorities as against navigational authorities (DMOZ, for instance). Continue reading

Basics of content writing to draw authority links

Getting an authority link to a business site or personal blog is one of the most crucial elements of widening its reach and increasing its popularity. To put it simply, your blog or site cannot afford to exist in isolation. It must build a niche for itself in the realm of link building. Domain Level Authority and Page Level Link Metrics features still account for a large chunk of your webpages own authority, clearly suggesting link building remains an important factor to your website/ blog’s success from the SEO point of view. Of course, it’s not just any trivial link will do the job for you. Continue reading

Basic ingredients of a link building exercise

One area that website owners often seem to grapple with, while envisaging a search engine optimization plan, is a solid and consistent link building plan. It often proves to be quite a tricky job even for most experienced search consultants. Usually it makes sense to let the clients pursue their own link building goals based on domain expertise and insight they have at their disposal. Continue reading