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Impact Of Lockdown On Digital Marketing

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Since the pandemic, digital marketing, like many other industries, has undergone substantial changes as customer behavior has altered. The impact of lockdown has forced many firms to adapt to new thinking methods, from marketing campaigns to entire company models.

Digital marketers are no strangers to adapting to change, but gathering research to prepare yourself for the evolving online world could help you anticipate changes as the business environment changes.

We’ve compiled some top-level changes in online behavior that could prepare you for a broader view of business and marketing studies, whether you’re studying marketing or just keen to learn something new.

Rise In E-Commerce –

E-commerce soared during the lockdown. Ecommerce sales have surpassed all-time highs, accounting for 33.4 % of retail sales. Online sales are projected to remain high as more businesses open their doors since restrictions have been loosened.

Spiraling Usage Of Social Media –

Employees who work from home or have been suspended spend more time indoors, and much of that time is spent online. With a 61 % increase in participation since the lockdown, social media quickly becomes a primary source of communication, entertainment, and event news.

Increased Interest In Video Content-

We find new ways to stay connected as a result of the lockdown restrictions. For example, individuals who had previously rejected some technologies have changed to become more comfortable with things like video calling. As a result, customers have greater access to video content, especially as more people work from home, with users preferring online video over traditional television. As the world changes, you could argue that now is a better time than ever to consider the impact of digital marketing. The digital landscape is evolving at an incredible rate, and it is quickly being ingrained in modern culture.