Importance of Q and A sites to diversify your backlinks profile

Q&A sites impart greater depth to search experience, enhanced by the richness and freshness of the content on such sites that give them a head start over static pages. Certain basic experiments with competitive generic keywords alongside related queries for those terms can help you actualize this. In the backdrop of generic keywords versus search questions scenario, one may broadly conclude that Question and Answer sites have steadily grown in popularity among experts as well as laypeople. This is a very significant development trend from the point of view of SEO.

On page optimization of Q&A webpage

  • You can do a quick search for the most pertinent queries related to your prime keywords and then start dropping practical answers. In addition to them, you can also place links within the copy text in a proper context.
  • Thus you can drive some well-targeted traffi    c and of course, increase your backlinks profile. Ideally, begin with Q&A pages already ranked high in SERPs, as they have relevant traffic flow on which you can base and build your on page optimization.
  • Among the page elements that you need to consider for on-page optimization are title, meta description, related tags. Each one of these elements ideally should include the core key terms of the specific query.
  • Also, the internal linking structure supports on-page optimization. (For example, ‘related questions’ in each page, ‘Recent answers’ in respective users’ profile, recent queries in main categories etc.)

Queries with rankings

  • After dominating the top result page for your domain-specific and business related keywords, you may now widen your sources by doing a search within the Q&A sites themselves.
  • Questionhub can be used for the purpose, to save precious time and energy. It’s a giant aggregator that collates queries from an array of Q&A websites. You can come across relevant to leave useful answers plus links to your own site.

Diversify your backlinks profile

  • Including links from a wide variety of quality sites in your backlinks profile is a good idea. Do not focus just on one type and try to broaden the base of your backlinks profile by spreading it across blogs, forums, social bookmarks/networks, review sites, news sites  etc.
  • Getting links from a wide variety of sources will make your campaign look more natural. Casting the Net wider literally, will help you access people from different various resources rather than only one single type of sites; it won’t look natural to Google, likely to be flagged by it.
  • It allows you to gain more credibility. The value of seeking links from different types of sites lies in the fact that Google tends to value links differently according to the source and its relevance. In this context, Q&A sites play an important role.