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Importance of Q&A sites for customer engagement

Question and Answer sites serve as a great way of establishing rapport with your prospects. A majority of these tend to tie back the information to its providers and retain it through a revision history. The Q&A site pages tend to rank well in most organic search results, especially those efficiently on-page optimized for the primary keywords. Such sites and pages are well responded to or engaged by visitors. In turn, they get continuously updated, fetching more traffic and a higher search rank. Continue reading

Importance of Q and A sites to diversify your backlinks profile

Q&A sites impart greater depth to search experience, enhanced by the richness and freshness of the content on such sites that give them a head start over static pages. Certain basic experiments with competitive generic keywords alongside related queries for those terms can help you actualize this. In the backdrop of generic keywords versus search questions scenario, one may broadly conclude that Question and Answer sites have steadily grown in popularity among experts as well as laypeople. This is a very significant development trend from the point of view of SEO. Continue reading

Rising prominence and widening base of Q&A sites

Quora is one among the emerging breed of question and answer based search platforms that give the option of putting up as well as answering questions. Many engines do so in an anonymous manner. The thought behind Quora is: When you are interacting with users spread across the world wide web, whom you mostly do not know, having their real name offers a better perspective and perception on why one should be paying attention or what their biases may be. Continue reading