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The Photo and video sharing online solution, Instagram recently announced that it will enable advertisers to get access of their carousel ads. However, It will do so with some help from it’s parent company Facebook. This also means that Instagram’s API to make good use of its parent company’s power editing and Ad managing capabilities.

Instagram, through it’s recent blog post stated “By opening up the way advertisers can buy, businesses of all sizes around the world now have more flexible targeting, call-to-action button options, and can customize their offsite links to help drive maximum return”.

Instagram launched the carousel Ads support earlier this year in June, which allows advertisers to upload up to five images as part of their promotional Ad posting strategy. These Ads were the first Instagram posts to have links with clickable capabilities that enables the user to visit sites other than Instagram.

The company added that the carousel Ads, since its launch have been doing a great job. On an average, its garnering a great response with 2.5 point increase in its Ad recall value with one of its French retailer reporting 58 percent surge in its conversion rates, which is way ahead of its single photo run campaigns.

Riding on its new Ad popularity wave, the company has decided that it will now all the advertisers to use its new Ad capabilities to a good effect, which is being optimized for better audience reach and high frequency of conversion.

The company recently announced this through its blog post:

“By optimizing for reach & frequency, advertisers can manage the number of people they reach with their Instagram ads and how frequently the ads are shown. To make media planning and buying even easier, advertisers can also control the reach and frequency of campaigns across Instagram and Facebook.

In addition, performance advertisers can now optimize delivery of their ads to people who are most likely to take an action on their website — driving more efficient performance on Instagram, or for campaigns running across Facebook and Instagram. Our goal is to remove friction and give businesses the most bang for their advertising buck.”

Having said that, it will still take another few weeks for the self-service multi-image feature to go live on the company’s dashboard.

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