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Mighty Groupon facing some real challenge by Google Offers

Google Offers is just a year old, but it continues to harp on its competition with Groupon. In USA, Google Offers is well spread now, being available in 40 cities.

The search giant has officially partnered with three more social buying programs, which are CrowdSavings, SpaRahRah! and LocalWineEvents.com.

For the online coupon programs, Google Offers closes the gap on Groupon. Both Google Offers and Groupon offer products as well as online-only businesses too.

If you are still confused about what online coupon programs are, its time to explore this powerful marketing tool for your online business.

So, what do you think about Google Offers? Would it be able to beat Groupon with this new extension? Share your thoughts with us.

Suggestions – We need to make the content more crisp and to the point. What is so new about the above post? Give them some insights, numbers. How google offers is doing – revenue, profit and how Groupon is loosing its business ( you can probably show the losses)