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News_keywords metatag: the coolest new tag for your news articles

What if you are searching for “WALL ST. LAYS AN EGG” (an impressive and catchy headline given by “Variety” after the historic 1929 stock market crash) and Google’s algorithm machine presents you with some sort of a biological association to it? But actually what you were curiously looking for was  the news article about the stock market crash!

To solve this problem, Google introduced a “news_keywords metatag”. What is the goal? It is simple: this new metatag will allow news writers to write their stories and express their views freely and also help Google understand the news article like a “human” so that it is interpreted in such a way that it is discoverable by wide audience of users.

News_keywords metatag will also help publishers to specify a collection of terms that apply to a news article. Also, there is no need to include these keywords in the headline or body text. Since the metatag would appear as a part of the HTML code of a page, visitors to a site won’t really see the metatag. For instance, news keywords such as “stocks”, “stock market”, or “crash” will allow Google to better understand the writer’s intent.

Keep in mind that this metatag will be used to determine ranking, like many other algorithmns. This new tool will surely prove to be beneficial for news article writers and make sure that their creativity is recognized.

You can learn more about getting news_keywords set up by reading Google’s Help Center article.