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Online resources to help entrepreneurs

As we are all aware, LinkedIn is a must-use resource for professionals either searching for a lucrative job opportunity, or looking to network with other like-minded individuals.  The networking platform offers many openings for emerging or even established entrepreneurs. Let us now consider some more popular social networks to fast-track your budding business on the path of success and prosperity.

Perfect Business

If you are keen to come across several other serious entrepreneurs, investors and experts from a wide variety of domains, Perfect Business, as the name suggests, will prove to be the perfect social resource for you.  Among the kind of users whom you will find on the network are potential clients, advisers and potential business partners. Here are some of its key features:

  • The service comprises offers from Entrepreneur Magazine, LegalZoom, VirginMoney and many other strategic partners.
  • The site is so organized as to help ambitious entrepreneurs connect with useful resources to grow their business. It is possible to send across and receive messages, invites and introductions, as well as post links and photos.
  • Perfect Business has online courses and videos that will educate you and give you confidence for launching a new venture or growing your existing business. It offers holistic professional business planning software and startup resources. The Business Plan Builder gives step-by-step software one can easily use to come up with an investment-quality strategy or plan.
  • Businesses can pitch new or an existing idea to accredited VCs and angel investors. Thus, you can try and raise the capital you require with the help of Perfect Business.
  • From a leading business networking to a vibrant video center where you can learn from successful entrepreneurs, a business plan builder and even an investor center, you’ll have most of the resources you need to create or regenerate your business. There is a basic membership for no charge plus a membership that costs a fixed amount every month.

Go BIG Network

The network essentially embraces job seekers, apart from funding sources, ambitious entrepreneurs and service providers. Following are some of its handy features:

  • This popular social network allows you to post requests for specific help that then get routed to people within the network who can perhaps support you or answer your questions.
  • Go BIG Network members can opt to search through profiles of other users, get in touch with them or put up a request (in form of a classified ad) to discuss what exactly they’re looking for (like a business partner).
  • The profiles on it are specific and targeted so it becomes easier to locate an investor, say in a particular region. In essence, it serves as a perfect network, especially for startup opportunities.

In the next post, we shall take a look at other popular social networks.