Practical advantages of Google Analytics service for your business

Google Analytics service, as we have grasped, makes it absolutely convenient and practically possible even for non-specialists cutting across domains and industries, to put into practice powerful marketing initiatives that are result driven and performance based so that you are able to derive value for money. This makes your business competitive.

We have checked in the previous post the practical gains that Google Analytics fetches. There are various other practically beneficial aspects of the service that we shall consider for your benefit.

Customized Reporting

Advanced Segmentation: The aim is to effectively isolate and analyze the various subsets of your traffic parameters. You may choose from pre-defined custom segments like ‘Visits with Conversions’ and ‘Paid Traffic’ or even create your own new custom segments with an easy-to-use, flexible segment builder. You may opt to apply segments to historical or current data and well compare segment performance (side-by-side) in reports.

Custom Reports: The latent purpose is to create, save, as well as edit custom reports, which present the comprehensive data that you want to check – organized in the manner you want to view it. There is a drag and drop interface that allows you to select the metrics you desire and accordingly devise multiple sub-reports levels. Once it is created, each custom report is readily available for as long as you seek it.

Dashboards: You do not any more need to dig through complicated reports. You can simply put all the data you require on a custom Dashboard you can email others.

API and developer platform: The Google Analytics Data Export API will fulfill the functions of exporting data, creating integrations, and developing client applications. It is possible to customize the Google Analytics tracking function with Tracking API of Google Analytics.

Advanced Analysis Tools: You can do the most advanced data analysis thanks to pivot tables, the easily available multiple dimensions and handy filtering features. Fast-on-the-fly tools allow you to dig deeper and conveniently manipulate information right in the various report tables.

Analytics Intelligence: Google Analytics also monitors the reports and alerts you automatically when there are any significant changes in traffic data patterns. You can opt to set up custom alerts for notifying you once specific thresholds are hit.

Custom Variables: The various custom variables will let you define multiple and simultaneous tracking segments that are based on hits, session/visit level information. Custom variables give you the flexibility, power and functionality to customize Google Analytics data and gather the unique site data, which is vital to your business.

Data Export: You may export your data with the help of Data Export API from Google Analytics or mail and export it directly from the Analytics interface into CSV, PDF, Excel and tab delimited files as you want.

Sharing and Communicating

Email reports: Schedule ad-hoc personalized report mails containing exactly the data you wish to share. It imparts highly sophisticated administrator plus user controls. It provides you a control over sharing sensitive data and also making available reports to users who are on your account.

Visualizing Data

Motion Charts: They add multi-dimensional analysis, which is sophisticated in nature, to Analytics reports. Opt for the metrics that you wish to compare and explore/expose data relationships difficult to view in traditional reports.

Geo Targeting: Identify the most profitable geographic markets.

Funnels: Visualize the conversion funnel, and fix leaks by checking pages that cause lost opportunities.

Spark lines: Thumbnail size graphics allow to save clicks and to summarize the report data.

Score cards: Check summary metrics in the backdrop of historical or website average data.

Integration and Reliability of Service

1st party cookie: Google Analytics’s exclusive usage of 1st party cookies ensures reliable tracking and visitor privacy.

Google data center and collection methodology: It maximizes data integrity and visitor privacy.

Irrespective of your site’s size – large or small – and however you may drive traffic to it, through partner sites, unpaid search, AdWords, or some other cost-per-click means – Google Analytics can effectively track it, from click to conversion!