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How to attain high search rankings with quality video content?

Led by Google, most leading search engines are trying to make experience of online searching far richer and much more dynamic by going beyond mere listing of web page results.

A wide spectrum of results and ascendancy of video content

Termed ‘universal search’, the inclusion of a wide spectrum of results can be seen in searches for even the most common queries. For example, a Google search now returns simple web page results along with news items, images, Twitter feeds, and, of course, videos that are directly imbedded into the search results apart from links to YouTube videos.

According to a recent research study conducted by Forrester Research, video content is 53 (yes!) times more likely to produce a top ranking than other SEO techniques. With universal search techniques, Google and its peers have been showcasing video content on the first page itself, and above the fold (the point in the result page one may generally see without scrolling down) prominently. Video content, which gets selected, is by default given a better ranking on the first page.

Videos offer a huge scope to drive targeted traffic

Many companies now realize the fact that it’s easier to attain high search rankings with quality video content. Importantly, there is less amount of content in this category still to compete with for, ensuring improved visibility online! Next, the video is more often than not, poorly optimized, tagged, as well as referenced. As a result, Google finds it difficult to identify and associate the right video content with the appropriate search term, in most cases.

In essence, what this all really boils down to is a lucrative opportunity and huge scope to drive targeted traffic, leads, and, at the end of it all, substantial business through your site by way of an effective video content strategy.

Give your video SEO strategy a head start

But what does it really that makes for a vibrant video content mix, which will utilize SEO (Search Engine Optimization) rules of thumb. This brief guide is devised to give you some insights so that your video SEO strategy gets a head start.

Let us start with a key SEO tip for video. It is extremely important to select the right platform for hosting your video content. You have two basic choices in this regard. You may host your video content on your own website or put it up on a third-party site like YouTube. The decision should be based on your goals. Let me elaborate further!

If you wish to maximize total video views and are confident of generating tangible or intangible value from the views (because, for instance, your service or product is featured in it), then it is advisable to make use of a third-party platform like YouTube. This option sure will fetch substantial built-in traffic. On the other hand, it is advisable to host the video yourself, if your primary goal is to bring potential customers to your website or to boost the volume of search referrals of your site. To achieve this, the video streamed from any given video service is embedded into a specific page of your site.

In the next couple of blogs, we shall acquaint you with more meaningful tips to attain high search rankings with quality video content, so keep watching and do send in us your feedback…