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Removing social media misconceptions

Social media is considered an undisputed powerful tool when it comes to influencing major purchasing decisions across the Web. Many businesses still are apprehensive to employ social media channels largely owing to some myths that they tend carry about these avenues. I already have tried to clear some of these myths. Here are a few more of them that must be removed once and for all.

Many business owners feel that social Media does not necessarily need a strategy and it takes its own course through viral effect. This is not correct. To tap its vast reach and power, you should be innovative as well as consistent in your approach. Its usage demands sustained efforts based on a well-thought strategy.

Social media channels can help to generate valuable traffic to informative content, interactive contests and videos. If users are able to identify with your brand, they will start trusting it. It you are able to come up with some original and exciting ideas, your brand identity will spread fast and establish itself among the followers, who form part of your target audience.

Effective e-mail segmentation, Google ads, proper search optimization, keyword research, blog advertising etc play a definite role in leveraging social media and making your strategy successful. However, a section of businesses simply assume that their customer is not present on social media, which is a big mistake.

Several research reports have conclusively proven that at least three in four net users now check out a networking website or blog. This means that businesses cutting across domains and irrespective of their size must whole-heartedly embrace networking channels.

Aversion to socialization aspect of networking is not such a wise thing since a growing number of Internet users are actively using social media channels. Obviously, many of them form part of your prospects whom you wish to target. Gen Y is now quite active on these social sites. And your brand will not be able to access them if you opt to stay aloof from avenues where your prospective customers are present in large numbers.

Many businesses fear that negative publicity, feedback or user comments about the brand will irreversibly damage business reputation so they simply shun it. This is again not correct. Agreed that even a small complaint from a customer can go viral, but that’s exactly why you should be closely monitoring your social media presence.  Remember, a constructive and proactive approach towards criticism will shore up your image on social media.

You need to be prepared to tackle any potential communication problems that will harm your brand image. A proactive relationship with your prospects will help you manage an impending crisis better.  You can thus be able to nip any online gossip and rumor mongering in the bud. Hence, a well-planned social media strategy chalked out with help of experts is a good idea.