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Solutions to widen the reach and enhance value of your content

An array of smart tools has arrived on the scene in recent times to facilitate the task of publishers to reach out to new audiences and discover potential prospects even as they strive to hold on to the existing user base. In popularizing your content, there is both quality and quantity, the volume as well as relevancy that matter a great deal. Getting more and more readers won’t be of much help if your content fails to bring value, the following solutions can allow publishers to create a sustained user interest.

Access, Reach, Connect

In the previous post, we have familiarized with a couple of tools , namely Outbrain and SimpleReach to simplify the task. Another such handy resource is ARC Engagement Platform. An acronym for the term, Access, Reach, Connect, it tries to function as an all-in-one avenue to automatically distribute both text and multimedia content across top social networks, leading video sites and different media outlets.

It essentially acts as a complement to their update/news release capabilities. Publishers looking for a distribution strategy revolving press release-style strategy can consider ARC for its flexibility, letting users dynamically update/upgrade content once distributed.

Strategic Web placements

The platform claims to tap the power of organic search, SEO capabilities, and social media distribution, alongside proprietary online content distribution and strategic Web placement to enhance the reach and appeal of your promotional campaigns and key branding initiatives such as product launches. In essence, with ARC engagement platform it becomes possible to control the message through contextual Web placements.

Resource for link distribution

On the other hand, if you are looking for a reliable resource for link distribution, you may consider Zemanta in order to fetch more traffic, to make your post catchy, and to blog faster. It offers a scalable solution to get your content in front of thousands of active publishers, building direct and organic traffic flow.

A link distribution engine disguised as a text editor plugin, it analyzes the content of your posts-in-progress to suggest photos and links to add on the fly. Publishers can plug into its network of bloggers for promoting relevant content files for them to link to. For instance, if a blogger is doing a post about snow cones, a publisher wanting to distribute that blogger’s content can pay to promote it via Zemanta’s suggested ‘sponsored’ links.

Enhance your blogging dashboard

With Zemanta, you may insert images; links to related articles from relevant news feeds and blogs; add affiliate links; and link back to your blog posts.  In other words, it can improve your ubiquitous blogging dashboard by recommending images, articles links and tags. It lets you enrich your content and link to other media. It supports WordPress, Tumblr, Movable Type, Blogger, TypePad, Drupal and Posterous.