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Paid adverts, a first for blogging platform Tumblr  

One of the world’s popular blogging platforms, Tumblr, will start selling ads on its pages from next month. The announcement marks the company’s foray into the arena of paid-for advertising something it has been averse to thus far. Top brands like IBM and EMI Music already use it for promoting their services. However, this will be the first time they can pay to seek advertising exposure on it. Continue reading

Which are the obvious takeover candidates in social arena? – I

After Facebook has snapped up the mobile-driven photo app Instagram, followed by a San Francisco-based startup ‘TagTile’, social media experts are speculating over the next target that might be on the radar of tech giants – as part of their multi-million buyout lists. Here’s a quick review of popular second-rung social services that are probably up for grabs: Continue reading

Solutions to widen the reach and enhance value of your content

An array of smart tools has arrived on the scene in recent times to facilitate the task of publishers to reach out to new audiences and discover potential prospects even as they strive to hold on to the existing user base. In popularizing your content, there is both quality and quantity, the volume as well as relevancy that matter a great deal. Getting more and more readers won’t be of much help if your content fails to bring value, the following solutions can allow publishers to create a sustained user interest. Continue reading

What can we expect on Search front this year?

What has the new year in store for marketers on SEO landscape that has undergone a dramatic change with the rising stature, power and reach of the social media. The search engine optimization techniques and strategies are bound to witness a further churning in 2012. What can one expect on this count? Are there any definitive trends to give us a clue? Let us try to find out as part of an academic exercise, which can also be handy in practical terms in setting the SEO agenda: Continue reading

Use your blog to enhance reach within the online realm

While a large chunk of the online publishers do not always attract the attention of anyone else but indulgent relatives, friends and family members, there are those who do manage to derive a reasonable audience base and good income. Especially budding entrepreneurs must make the optimum use of blogging for business success.  But blogging isn’t as easy and simplistic as it seems. Continue reading

Specialized networks look to carve a niche

With the membership of Facebook now approaching almost 600 million, and more apps and features being added to it continually, it obviously remains the most preferred option for the networking purpose, apart from Twitter. So is there any space left for niche networking sites to leave their mark? Your answer may be a big NO, but that’s not the case, really! Today, I shall acquaint you with one emerging player in this space. I am referring to Instagram. Continue reading