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Search Engine Optimization on mobile phones. For this, abounding hours were dedicated to delve into the technical aspects that eventually elucidated the similarities it had with the SEO functioning on desktops. Despite the identical features, search signals for mobile devices needed intensification with the use of certain techniques.

There are a few SEO elements that stand in as justifiable examples for both, mobiles and desktops. They are good & rich content, backlink portfolios and morphological keyword optimization. But as we turn our attention to cell phones, some singularly different areas also need to be pointed out.

They are as follows:

  • Mobile web presence
  • Apple and Google Maps
  • Voice search (e.g., Siri)

Mobile Web Presence

In today’s world every business sphere has a mobile-friendly web presence. Even the small ones. Presently, even the big ones rely on the desktop formatted websites. This one-size strategy works well with every grade. Although the one-size strategy might fit in, it wouldn’t always look good. You certainly need something that’d please the eye.

We’d have to use designs respective to each device like desktops, tablets or phones. And that’s what Google suggests. Also, numerous tips and tools have been crafted for the purpose of mobile presence testing.

Maps: Both, Google & Apple

If we look at comScore’s top 25 mobile apps, Google and Apple Maps come out on top in the USA as voted and assessed by visitors aged 18+. On mobile devices, such directional or location information is primarily or solely consumed. Occasionally, news about SEO optimizing for maps have come out. But never has anybody heard of SEO being affiliated with Apple maps in anyway.


Having contemporary and optimized information is necessary looking at the amount of consumers who use it. In this process, upgrading local listings is highly essential, along with a bit of tinkering here and there on the Maps, using Google Map Maker. We could do the same on Apple Maps, using Apple Maps Connect.

Voice searches

When the term voice search appears, mobile devices eminently stand out in the frame. Such hands-free methods were basically used for locational information and locality search.

Other instances bring the iOS into play where they improve certain businesses with specific keywords. They do that by drawing in positive reviews that eventually increase the ratings.

Just like iOS, Android and Windows Mobile systems are also weighing in some efforts for voice searches.

Final Conclusion.

Mobile SEO does differ from the one on desktops. So we suggest you start spending half of your efforts upon mobiles. This would only benefit you moving forward.

Also, earlier searches and analysis showcased a higher count of Google searches on mobile devices as compared to that on computers.

Let’s touch towards success. Keep optimizing and upgrading.

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