Seven ideas for a powerful online press release

An online press release is a powerful communication tool to establish your brand as well as to create a buzz about your company product and services. What you require is a fair understanding of your audience expectations. In this post, we shall acquaint with some useful ideas for constructing press releases to fetch targeted traffic to your website.

1. Establish end goals and know your target audience

Identify target audiences and the goals of the press release. Having a larger picture in mind will help create a powerful copy that draws their attention. For this, you obviously need to understand prominent ‘pain points’ of your prospects.

2. Clearly articulate the problems and solutions to them

Many people carry online search and perform queries to solve a lingering problem, like how to recover lost data from an unusable hard drive. The chances of your press release getting noticed during search queries will be enhanced if you are able to clearly articulate their problems and address their genuine concerns through it.

3. Find primary keywords

The criticality of keyword research need not be understated. Try to unearth a couple of primary key terns and phrases to effectively optimize the text of your release. Use tools such as the Google AdWords Keyword Tool, to find keywords, which are not probably highly competitive, yet they can assure you of a reasonable search volume.

4. Do a thorough research on domain specific keywords

Do a proper research about domain specific keywords that are relevant to your industry and allied SEO tools to arrive at a powerful mix of keyword phrases that can be rotated. This is a significant aspect to establish your small business and boost online traffic with help of a keyword rich press release copy.

5. Avoid overusing target keywords

When selecting key terms or phrases for press release SEO, both traffic volume and higher conversion rate come into play. Conversely, it is vital that you do not overuse target keywords. The tendency to overuse the keywords, however well researched they are, is bound to have a counter effect. This will make your online press release spammy and this won’t go well with the search engines.

6. Cut out hype and use a reader friendly language

It is important to stick to a natural language and reader friendly tone with a good mix of keyword phrases instead of resorting to jargon or needless hype. If the wording does not sound natural to you, you can well be certain it will fail to strike a chord with your readers, too.

7. Incorporate quotes by top company officials

It is a good idea to work the primary keyword phrase into a comment by a top company executive or its director in your online press release copy. A section of bloggers and journalists might run these quote marks verbatim.