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Seven ideas for a powerful online press release

An online press release is a powerful communication tool to establish your brand as well as to create a buzz about your company product and services. What you require is a fair understanding of your audience expectations. In this post, we shall acquaint with some useful ideas for constructing press releases to fetch targeted traffic to your website. Continue reading

How can your business site gain exposure with precise press releases?

A well-prepared news item certainly can get ranked higher in Yahoo News, Google News, and other leading news based search engines. A thoroughly and expertly optimized social media release can do the trick by giving your business much desired online exposure. It has the potential to draw more traffic to your site through the Web page links in the release. Continue reading

A backgrounder on the need for SEO-centric press releases

The all-encompassing digital media has completely transformed the way press releases are prepared and distributed. Small business owners, who are savvy enough to grasp how this powerful publicity tool has evolved online over last few years, understand its intrinsic value to boost business margins. They know the importance of integrating search engine optimization techniques within it for enhanced brand visibility and awareness. Continue reading