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Ideas for affiliate promotion, marketing and traffic generation

Affiliate marketing is a mutually beneficial partnership struck between the affiliates promoting the programs and the merchants who own them. It’s a competitive business so you cannot afford to be complacent. Remember, it’s not a ‘get rich quick’ formula but more of a slow and steady mode of operation. Continue reading

Eight tips to stay tuned to the dynamic affiliate marketing domain

You can make optimum use of the affiliate avenue whether you are managing a Web based platform, hosting content, or engaging new environments to market your products and services. There is an array of New Publisher models being released on a regular basis. The key is how you manage to stay tuned to the current trends and developments so that no new publisher opportunities are missed? Continue reading

Five tips for a powerful affiliate Program Bio

Affiliate Marketing is a method for merchants to grow their sales, only paying the affiliates who deliver. Commissions are paid when a sale occurs, or a lead is generated. Newly recruited merchants in a well-established network can get started on the very day on which they sign up but for inaccurate information or wrongly implemented procedure. Continue reading

Understanding the ‘Pay for Performance’ marketing basics

Affiliate Marketing is a well-established form of marketing for a business entity or individual keen to increase sales or leads. It is often termed Pay for Performance marketing. This method is considered a very effective customer acquisition and retention tool for online merchants who are in a position to work out the commission structure and pay only after tangible results come in. Continue reading