Five tips for a powerful affiliate Program Bio

Affiliate Marketing is a method for merchants to grow their sales, only paying the affiliates who deliver. Commissions are paid when a sale occurs, or a lead is generated. Newly recruited merchants in a well-established network can get started on the very day on which they sign up but for inaccurate information or wrongly implemented procedure.

Once you become a member and sign up, you can familiarize yourself through the well laid-out set-up process. In the previous post, we have grasped the basic premise of the affiliate-merchant work relationship and finer aspects of managing your affiliate-merchant related tasks within a network. Ideally, seek services of an affiliate manager to implement your plans. 

While affiliates are considering a new program within the Affiliate Interface, they get to see a Merchant description that helps them make their decision. The stronger a merchant puts up his case about what the program can offer, more motivated an affiliate will feel.

In other words, it is very important to create a good early impression. Ensure your Program Bio is substantial and engaging to convey across the strengths of your E-Commerce business model and website.

Too often the description is insufficient and inconsequential to hold the affiliates’ attention. Beyond a couple of curt sentences vaguely describing the site that do no justice to the affiliate program itself there is in it to hold your attention. Let’s grasp what makes for a powerful Program Bio:

  1. To start off, introduction needs to be precise and power-packed. Write in brief about your online business, products and services you offer. Mention what sets you apart from your immediate competitors and how affiliates will benefit by being part of a unique program that will prove to be mutually beneficial.
  2. Next, make mention of relevant program details. Create pointers to reason why affiliates should strike an alliance with you. Be specific about aspects that are of importance including commission rate, coupons, conversion rate, average order, performance incentives, datafeed etc. Not just harp upon your core strengths. Rather underline how affiliates stand to gain from them. 
  3. Spell out exciting marketing opportunities that affiliates can explore through your channel. Note the vast or niche target audience for your product or service offerings. Highlighting this information will prompt affiliates to promote them. Elements like site demographics and seasonality can be described.
  4. Branding can play a role. Write the Program Bio in such a way that it co-relates to your ovrall business identity. Include a few images to let potential affiliates an insight into what you sell.
  5. This may seem very basic, but often merchants present inaccurate and outdated contact information. Include name of the person in charge of your affiliate management plan, the person’s official phone number and e-mail ID. Ensure that the affiliate manager is responsive and proactive in dealing with their inquiries and doubts.