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How to attain customer insight and business growth with social sites?

There are various layers attached to the process of getting a better overview of the brand and its products.  It is not solely designed to make a sale happen; it is not just any fanciful form of advertising. The idea should be to give people a voice to communicate with customers. Your social marketing strategy should ideally be shaped by the needs and demands of your target audience. Continue reading

Five tips to shore up your brand equity online

When someone out of sheer curiosity or purposely happens to search for your name or background online, the search engine results that surface, are a combination of information put up by different people – laypersons or experts , those  known to you as a professional or even anonymous. Their comments are largely based on their experiences of you and your product/ service offerings. Continue reading

9 ideas to optimize your content for search engines

Engaging the audience and holding its attention matters quite a lot to make your business blog successful. Remember, quality content sans online visibility and lack of focused readership is going to be of little use. In this context, optimization plays an important role in planning and conceptualizing a blog. Continue reading

Six vital ingredients of successful blogging

A corporate blog is not just a form and platform for self-promotional communication. Do not use it as a tool for propaganda, which is not going to excite your target audience. Ideally, it should be employed as a means of informing users about the core of your business and broader industry trends. Over time, your prospects will start seeing it as a reliable and authentic resource for greater insights. Continue reading

Tips on creating a great blog for your E-Commerce site

If you are not quite sure a corporate blog is relevant to your branding exercise, you must rethink. Many astute B2B marketers’ experience has shown their blog pages and not the company’s official homepage that more often than not act as an entry point for the new site visitors. In many cases, blog posts are generally outpacing the other pages for key metrics like total visits, number of page views and time spent on a website. Continue reading

Practical tips for successful business blogging

While you are planning to launch your business blog, you need to keep a few things in mind. At the outset, let me state that there is no magic formula or a set of winning norms in the blogosphere. What holds the key is to know your target audience, and follow the best content and SEO practices. Patience and perseverance more than flamboyance are what will help your blog become a success. Continue reading