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According to media reports last week, Google had said that it will not offer any SEO certified services to the businesses. But this week, Google did a U-turn on its previous weeks stand by announcing that it does offer certified SEO services only through its associated network of SEO partners.

This error was spotted by Aaron Wall, who posted it on his Twitter timeline.

A similar mistake even appears on the Google’s Campaign page, which sported a section that reads “STAND OUT WITH SEARCH” that informs businesses to hire Google- certified SEOs, which can boost your SEO campaign by attracting more traffic to your site.

Here’s how the snap with an error reads as below.


From the above-listed information, it’s quite evident that the person who is responsible for coming out with such a statement isn’t aware of Google’s SEO based policies and knows nothing about Google’s certified group of partners. While Google does offer certified services related to AdWords, Analytics, YouTube and DoubleClick but it doesn’t offer any certified SEO assistance as such.

And we all know Google keeps committing errors like these, as this Twitter profile suggests.

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