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Why do presence on user-driven platforms make your site search engine friendly?

To find information about products, services or out of sheer curiosity, people do online search on top engines like Google and Yahoo. Apart from generic or specific keywords, they may also type in questions to dig out data from the vast online treasure trove. There has been a steady rise in the volume of question quarries. Why the webpages on Question and Answer sites are gaining in prominence as far the search engine rankings are concerned? Continue reading

An effort to make ads in Gmail more specific, effective and user friendly

Gmail, as you must be aware, has not allowed any elements beyond text in display ads alongside a message that drops in your inbox. Keeping this in mind, the new changes initiated can be termed a significant change. It’s quite relevant for users is moving gradually before Gmail actually introduces images as a preferred ad option. Continue reading

Is manipulating your online reputation possible?

Social networks, the ensuing over-sharing of sentiments and a flurry of comments online have created a significant self-sustained source of relief as well as threat. The businesses now realize that the medium is popular and potent enough to put their reputation at stake. If privacy is a concern for individuals, for corporate houses it’s their brand image. Continue reading

Four tips to use blogs as a powerful marketing tool

Essentially, a business blog should serve as a platform to guide prospective customers about a product or your core service portfolio. It should ideally be used as an interactive channel to arouse readers’ curiosity, prompt responses from them, answer questions and satisfy their doubts, if any. Continue reading