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An effort to make ads in Gmail more specific, effective and user friendly

Gmail, as you must be aware, has not allowed any elements beyond text in display ads alongside a message that drops in your inbox. Keeping this in mind, the new changes initiated can be termed a significant change. It’s quite relevant for users is moving gradually before Gmail actually introduces images as a preferred ad option.

The search engine giant wants to amply ascertain that Gmail users won’t get alienated or distracted even though there have largely been a positive outcome on the advertising side. But the company officials are not willing to take any chances and are going to be extra cautious with hastening of the new set of changes.

Ads in Gmail inboxes undergo a change

Ads, which appear just next to messages in the users’ Gmail inboxes, are quite similar to the ones appearing next to search results in Google for specific keywords and on generic webpages. In Gmail, advertisements are aligned to the text matter of any given message. The idea is to serve users with ads, which are relevant and useful to fulfill their interests.

Google has done extensive testing of display ads in different Gmail user accounts, since the beginning of the year. In fact, the search engine giant has shown keenness to widen its display ad network. Gmail account changes happen to be a logical step forward. It allows pushing up ads on basis of keywords, which appear in an individual user’s Gmail. The question is whether these ads will prove to be distracting for users.

Newer modifications make ads in Gmail more relevant to users

As is known, Yahoo Mail has already been serving display ads in its users’ inboxes. Even as some other mail services have made use of attention grabbing banner ads, Gmail has preferred to remain rather bland thus far, a tad surprising. Till the latest modification, the company has served only text-based ads to its email users.

Now, it has felt the need to change its advertisement display. While the Google mail service will continue to be fully automated, the company is upgrading its mail advertising platform. It is updating both its frontend and backend. As a result, ad agencies will now be in a position to come up with ads, which are relevant to each user’s preferences and requirements. Insertion of pictures will not only make the display attractive but may also act as value add.

According to a Google engineer, the revamped ad-matching and serving system of Gmail, after having been thoroughly tested, will now analyze content as well as the context of a message. It will look and evaluate ‘signals in a user’s inbox’. It will understand whether a user opens a given messages with any particular keywords or doesn’t. That will act as a cue to throwing up relevant advertisements.