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Parameters to gauge the success of your landing pages

When you are keen to find out poorly performing landing pages that are proving to be a drag on your SEO efforts, some of the metrics to take into account are bounce rate, navigation summary, and of course, conversion rates. Before we discuss each of the above metrics more specifically, let us know a bit more about the power of employing filters in your web analytics exercise. Continue reading

Co-creation of content as powerful marketing means

Dealing with content conundrum is getting trickier, as businesses are trying to reach maximum possible audience base to enhance conversions.  In their quest to bombard to consumers – both prospective and existing – some brands run the risk of diluting their message; need of the hour is clearly to produce quality content and focus more on targeted message instead of putting too much emphasis on the amount of content produced that can have a counterproductive effect and end up distracting many consumers. Continue reading

A more user friendly Microsoft Advertising Search Network interface

Microsoft’s adCenter platform is set to launch enhanced capabilities to the market at the advertiser level as well as in modifying relevance algorithms (matching, pricing, ranking, the black box etc). The whole exercise is geared up towards providing advertisers with greater control and more transparency. Let us get a quick recap of some of the enhancements lined up for the Advertising’s Search Network of Microsoft: Continue reading

Basic elements of conversion optimization

Many e-commerce sites with a good business model have failed to click. The reason: Though they invested heavily in flashy designs, they simply overlooked the fact that they also needed to ‘sell’. Though the initial target of driving traffic to the site was achieved, the business sites faltered at the next hurdle – that of conversion. Continue reading

How sticking to the basics can increase conversion rates?

Now let us check with a practical example as why a particular headline may or may not work. This is one headline that states. ‘Keeping Tabs On Your Diabetes Just Got A Lot Easier.’ Doesn’t it sound more like a typical generic marketing message since almost all products promise to make your life easier? The focus here is on the product on offer and not on the customer need per se. Continue reading

Basic ingredients of On-Site optimization

Search engine optimization strategy involves an in-depth analysis of the site performance metrics. On-Page site optimization serves as platform, or essential building blocks, for the long term direction and successful development of the SEO strategy. If properly implemented, it can have a positive effect on the site’s performance. Continue reading

How can your website’s conversion rate be boosted?

When conversion rate increases, it also means increased advertising spend, as affiliate marketing, PPC and other advertising avenues will probably turn more profitable. The more meaningful traffic you can manage to buy, the more prospective customers you draw, and also the more amount of repeat business you receive! In this fashion, you will fast increase the market share. Continue reading

The importance of research and analysis to maximize every click

Thinking from the customer’s point of view is important to prompt them to buy a product or service. Initiating the process begins with a meticulous understanding of what and how you’re selling. In this context, conversion optimization plays a significant role. It’s a process considered absolutely vital for an emerging or even established business. Continue reading