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Why is it vital to assess and analyze qualified leads?

If you are not monitoring and measuring, you are not successfully marketing, they say. Now when it’s about measuring, a plethora of norms and benchmarks are there for marketers to opt for. Probably, among the most basic ones is website tracking or analytics, more specifically. Time and again, we come across SMB owners who either fail to track their key site stats and usage figures, or, don’t really realize what they should be looking at even if they have some sort of analytics installed. Continue reading

How a Google Change may wrongly attribute search traffic to referral traffic?

Google’s set to make a major change to the way it reports key referrer information for its Chrome browser user. Some analytics programs, as a result, may start listing search online visitors as if they instead arrived directly from Google sans doing a search. The change posted on the Google Webmaster blog, will take some effort to understand what’s actually happening. Continue reading

Seven enhanced adCenter features

With a series of upgrades, users of Microsoft Advertising adCenter can comes cross newer and more improved features that will help them boost the overall campaign performance. The enhancements are aimed at making it easier to devise search and content driven advertising strategies. A host of changes will help advertiser reach their intended audience and achieve desired results. Continue reading

Basic ideas to improve your business site’s conversion rate

Once the optimization is properly done, the conversion rate is bound to improve. By optimizing the page, the cost per conversion can be brought down dramatically. When testing your site with Google Website Optimizer tool or similar such tools, you need not worry too much about any misleading metrics. Microconversions or other such metrics can be ignored. The testing process should be authentic and not intended at hurting users’ privacy, though. Continue reading

Aspects to consider during testing for conversion

Conversion Optimization is the holistic process of improving your website’s performance. This involves an in-depth analysis of your site traffic. A conversion specialist will make use of the findings to suggest improvements in different site elements, such as content and layout, to mention a few. Essentially, it’s about plugging up all leaks or loopholes in your conversion path. Continue reading

Three mistakes to avoid during conversion optimization

A webpage can be optimized by merely writing a catchy headline and presenting the features in a more user-friendly manner. Unfortunately, many inexperienced Web marketers continue to shoot in the dark sans any concrete plan on website optimization. Let me now point out some common mistakes that should be avoided during the process. Continue reading

Importance of conversion optimization for a site’s success

Conversion rate optimization, to put it simply, is grasping why most site visitors aren’t converting, then finding solutions and fixing the problem to set your business on the path of profitability. CRO matters if you want to make more money and boost business margins. Continue reading