Seven enhanced adCenter features

With a series of upgrades, users of Microsoft Advertising adCenter can comes cross newer and more improved features that will help them boost the overall campaign performance. The enhancements are aimed at making it easier to devise search and content driven advertising strategies. A host of changes will help advertiser reach their intended audience and achieve desired results.

Taking time-bound and strategic steps to monitor and optimize your adCenter campaigns will help draw more relevant clicks and attract valuable customers to your budding business. Bringing into play features of various tools and programs on the platform will help you’re your campaign management and optimization activities both effective and efficient.

Whether you intend to run a campaign through adCenter or already have a business account for the purpose, you can certainly benefit from some of the recent updates. We take a quick look at enhanced adCenter features intended to improve your campaign performance:

  1. To make accessing the full range of adCenter account features more flexible and easier, it has been made possible to fully access it through existing versions of the various popular browsers, such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari etc – on both PC and Mac – as suggested by a cross-section of advertisers.
  2. You can add the business address and contact details to your search ad. The feature of displaying Location Extensions can easily be enabled in Advanced Settings on your Campaign tab. Among multiple business locations, one closest to respective search users will be highlighted in the ad to make it more actionable, and help generate more leads from your text ads.
  3. It is possible to save time spent on imports by bulk uploading of more business locations – up to 1,000 of them in one go through the Microsoft Advertising adCenter UI. Only 50 business locations could be previously uploaded. Ramping up of the same will help simplify and streamline importing of multiple locations.
  4. Exclusive targeting on basis of both gender and age has been done away with. So, it is advisable to employ the existing bid-boosting functionality for meeting your conversion goals in case you have campaigns that used gender and age targeting.
  5. You can easily import Google AdWords campaigns to Microsoft Advertising adCenter even without changing the ad description. The aims is to simplify the whole process of importing ads from AdWords and align the same with industry standards. For this, the number of characters allowable in ad descriptions has been increased to 71.
  6. A new budget gadget up there on the landing page dashboard will allow you get a quick overview of your campaign budget sans any plug-ins or programs like Silverlight.
  7. Advertisers can target their campaigns to an array of smartphones and tablets (Mobile OS supported options: iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry. Tablet OS supported options: iOS, RIM, and Android,) in a customized fashion. Campaigns devised on basis of specific device type will better focus on prospects.

Remember that success of an online campaign lies in creating relevant, and clear, simple and specific ads that need to be optimized, managed and constantly monitored for better results. In a nutshell, you can ensure higher conversions with proper targeting, precise keyword optimization, efficient conversion tracking, contextual and display advertising methods.