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Why you should always listen to all your customers?

An in-depth knowledge or a well cultivated insight of your customers’ mindset and thought process sure will help you come up with excellent great products and also provide quality services. Conversely, in case of a complete mismatch between their overall aspirations and your offerings, the business model might fail to click. Here are more reasons why all companies irrespective of their size and domain must carefully listen to their customers. Continue reading

Basics of protecting your brand and business image on the Web

The Internet overwhelms users with a deluge of information that they constantly sift through, to arrive at a resource – either to seek information or to buy a product/service – of their choice. If your business site appears high in the domain specific search results, they are going to notice it more prominently. This can have a positive impact on your company’s business margins. However, the same can be counterproductive especially if you opt to ignore negative feedback about your brand. Continue reading