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A new feature to let users ‘mute’ Google Display Ads

Users of YouTube can already skip ads. Google is now adding the same capability to its Display Network as well, letting users hit an ‘X’ so as to discard or simply ‘mute’ any of the currently-displaying ads. The search engine giant states it will employ the signal as a way of delivering more relevant ads. Once a user opts to mutes a certain ad, one will no longer see it from that particular campaign. Continue reading

New Display Network Tab to facilitate campaign optimization

Google’s latest changes to AdWords are devised to make it convenient to buy and track display ads on its network. The search major is giving display its very own new Display Network Tab – an interface built right from the ground up for running display campaigns, The new interface to be rolled out over the next couple of weeks gradually will let advertisers bid, target as well as optimize their display campaigns better. Continue reading