New Display Network Tab to facilitate campaign optimization

Google’s latest changes to AdWords are devised to make it convenient to buy and track display ads on its network. The search major is giving display its very own new Display Network Tab – an interface built right from the ground up for running display campaigns, The new interface to be rolled out over the next couple of weeks gradually will let advertisers bid, target as well as optimize their display campaigns better.

Propel your contextual campaigns

The display has evolved over time with an array of formats, including rich media, mobile and video, apart from several ways to choose where your ads will feature. The Google’s product management director for display, Brad Bender pointed out: “Part of the opportunity is finding those deeply engaged with content that is relevant, and then figuring out what pages to actually run on. The contextual engine will enable you to do so.”

Extend a search campaign to display

The idea is to give it the ability of blending the reach of display and the precision of search so that marketers and search advertisers can fine-tune the performance of a contextual campaign broken down to each individual keyword level. It’s now easier to extend a search campaign to display and also more efficient to together run these two types of campaigns.

Basically, it’s enabling advertisers who had to set up their campaigns both for search and display differently in the past to take all the keywords that they knew did well on the search front – and have taken extra efforts optimizing – to lift up that particular set of keywords and employ that to launch a display campaign as well.

A large chunk of Google’s top search advertisers are buying display through it, according to Bender, who added, “It’s going to make it much easier for advertisers new to display to leverage all the groundwork they have put in to optimize and maximize search campaigns and start off on the display network with greater ease.”

The search engine giant, as stated above, has enhanced the contextual engine, which matches ads to specific pages based on major key terms, as well. Over 1 billion users categorized with not less than 1,000 interests form part of the Google network. The new metrics of Next-Gen Keyword Contextual Targeting allows marketers to check the performance of their display campaigns at each keyword level, instead of having to utilize themed ad groups, as earlier.

Opportunity to increase ROI

An official post elaborates that the latest Display Network Tab serves as an interface will enable everything, including bidding, targeting and optimizing display campaigns from one single place. The enhanced feature makes it more efficient and easier to extend specific search campaigns to display. It can increase ROI since advertisers can now target higher-performing domain-driven keywords.

Along with the new Tab and contextual engine, Google is also introducing a feature to visualize your campaign’s reach, and check how it’ impacted by combining various multiple targeting types like topics, interests keywords, placements, or remarketing.