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Social platforms for emerging entrepreneurs to achieve success

Apart from LinkedIn, there are several popular niche business networks, such as StartupNation, Biznik, Entrepreneur Connect, and PartnerUp that we’ve previously covered. The network members can use an array of features and resources available on them to ask pertinent queries, post relevant answers and host informative posts to promote their company’s or own expertise.  Continue reading

Build and grow your business with niche networks

Many of today’s niche social networks provide businesses with the much needed guidance, excellent utilities, several handy tools and useful resources in order to establish brand identity and gain valuable exposure. In one of our earlier posts, we’ve already discussed Entrepreneur Connect and PartnerUp. Here are a couple more of them as part of our series on social networks to help entrepreneurs. Continue reading

Social networks to help ambitious entrepreneurs

There are several online social resources to let ambitious entrepreneurs connect and coordinate with other like-minded brand owners. This indeed is an effective way of creating real buzz about your business and circulating mutually beneficial business ideas across the Web. In this particular series of posts, we shall refer to some of the popular social networks, especially for tech-savvy entrepreneurs. Continue reading