Social platforms for emerging entrepreneurs to achieve success

Apart from LinkedIn, there are several popular niche business networks, such as StartupNation, Biznik, Entrepreneur Connect, and PartnerUp that we’ve previously covered. The network members can use an array of features and resources available on them to ask pertinent queries, post relevant answers and host informative posts to promote their company’s or own expertise. 

An ambitious entrepreneur can create a unique profile, to spread a buzz about his or her brand with the help of these niche networks.In the concluding part of this series, I shall throw light on some more of these.


  • The network is largely made up of entrepreneurs, executives, web designers, programmers, freelancers, investors, and idea makers share one common goal. Their primary purpose of joining it is to launch a new online venture on their own.
  • Unlike a majority of social networks that fall under this category, Cofoundr happens to be a strictly private platform. What it means is that you are not allowed to check member profiles prior to registering for an account.
  • A valid university or official email address is needed for seeking a membership of this network. In other words, high schools students and amateur professionals are mostly disallowed.
  • After you sign up, you are expected to spell out your abilities and the kind of audience you are looking to target and also, post an idea in the forum or on the bulletin board, to initiate a network.

The Funded

  • This is another online community revolving around ambitious, emerging entrepreneurs who research, review and rate funding sources.  They can check and share terms sheets for helping each other in locating investors, as well as deliberate the intricacies of running a business.
  • The site allows you to view facts, commentary and reviews on funding resources, as well as access RSS feeds of the latest public comments made by members.
  • By becoming a part of it, you get access to elaborate fund profiles with domain-specific details, specialty, reference investments as well as investment criteria. This is in addition to gaining to access to partner vCards, which have complete contact information of different partners at venture funds.

Young Entrepreneur

  • Last but not the least, is this another dynamic social networking platform businesses and individuals with entrepreneurial abilities. It’s a good starting point for those keen to run a business.
  • This community resource essentially appears as a discussion forum. There are topics like e-commerce, marketing, search engine optimization, franchising etc.
  • There is also a blog feed and some excellent videos alongside the main forum and threads.

In essence, all these platforms serve as the perfect online resources for individuals and entities keen on widening their business network. In other words, they let small and medium sized business entities share meaningful ideas and form mutually beneficial connections.