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So, what do you feel is the strength of your online presence? Great responsive landing page, rich and engaging content, solid link building structure, well planned social media presence or your user’s enriching website experience. While the presence of all these qualities are great have one particular website but if you don’t have any Testimonials or Reviews from your industry specific people pertaining to the overall quality of your service then it may act as a major downfall in terms of the bottom line of your business existence. In this rather brief article, we’ll try to explain the necessities of such testimonials and how they can actually improve the bottom line of your business.

The Basic Premise of Testimonials

A lot of businesses come out with testimonials on their official pages lack more of clarity and doesn’t look the part as such. But they more or less do their job in terms of improving your sales figures. This is what testimonials are meant for in the first place.

But more than anything else, a good testimonial must talk about the USP of your business value and how it added value to their existence. This is more than half the job if you get it right. Besides that, you can even leverage testimonials for your latest discount offers and money back schemes. This will give out positive signals to your prospective click-throughs that all your products and services have been commercially successful.

However, there are some concerns with testimonials that extend beyond your product reviews. Instead of doing harm, it further boosts your sales margins with more customers actually searching for your products online to make a purchase.

In short:- It adds value to the promotional aspect of your products by informing your potential consumers about the benefits on making a purchase.

How to Leverage Testimonials

Testimonials can be leveraged to create a friendly environment not only in terms of your online presence but also for your offline needs as well. It’s been found time and again that positive customer feedback can actually surge your profit margins. In fact, it instills a sense of belief in the online visitors about your online presence. But again, it will take time for your testimonials to weave its magic of trust around your click-through visitors and evoke a sense of trust about the overall credibility of your online presence.

But in the hindsight, don’t just delete the negative comments of your customers, which can actually be leveraged to create a better impression on your potential customers.

For instance, you can make use of some negative comments to further improve your services and then highlight it on your website that you actually had acted upon your customer’s concerns about your products and services.

This way you can probably kill two birds with one stone and that will further strengthen your online authority and reputation. Hence, it’s all the more important that reviews must look real and trustworthy and not the fake one.

Get creative with your Testimonials

In recent past, a lot of business ventures took to storytelling just like a duck takes to water. This craze caught up with every alternative business, who went gung-ho about it. This practice became a sort of rage with a lot of business owners because research evidence supports the fact that the stories do have a positive influence on the customer’s perception about a particular product or services. In fact, stories that resonate well with your audience can inculcate intent of purchase in them.

The Use of images with Testimonials

Similarly, images were associated with the trustworthiness of your website. In fact,  research conducted some three years ago found that pictures irrespective of their relevance, impact the buying behavior of your target audience. On top of that, some studies were of the opinion that images help instill the lost faith in your nonperforming, poor quality of products & services and vice versa. Even Worse – the reaction to your products/ services may vary depend upon the ethnicity of your target audience.

But in general, it’s not a rocket science stuff to know that Images with testimonials increase the credibility of your business but the results may vary depending upon the nature of your business. Test it know it for yourself.

The HALO Effect

Testimonials from influential public figures, who are an expert in their field of work, can actually make a difference to the bottom line of your business. This according to Wikipedia is due to the HALO Effect of Marketing. Hence, it’s clear that testimonials from influential figures do positively influence your target audience’s buying behavior as such. But there’s certain limitation in terms of use that needs to be followed to make its maximum impact. For instance, you can’t have a Pop diva of the status of Madonna pitching for the benefits of your SEO services. That won’t be much of help, ain’t it?

Get right with your placement

Testimonials are indeed a great way to influence the behavior of your target audience, but they will do their bit of magic only when they are visible to your visitors. Hence, their location on your page is just as important as their presence. So, having them on your landing page or around your CTA buttons that can actually do a world of good to the bottom line of your business.


Having said that, it’s up to you to make the best use of the testimonials when leveraging them for your business needs. And in case if you haven’t used this form of marketing or finding it difficult to use it then just help us to help you out with a FREE Analysis of your website highlighting major local, on-site, offsite and social metrics OR email us your concerns at sales@ebrandz.com or call 1-888-545-0616 (Toll-Free) for help.



No matter who you are in the world of business, managing reviews is a highly essential part of one’s online presence. Any corporate sphere that completely lives online must look forward to management review.

Review management is important for local businesses since a good word of mouth is what they basically live upon. And more traffic would only head in with intensified marketing.

But getting reviews is most important. Let us look at the points below that’d help us get reviews.

Make your presence be felt in the most important local directories. Have your business listed in the top directories by running through sites in the most cohesively crafty manner. In the process, watch out for all the holes in your presence online.

STEP 1: Keep an eye on each of your review

You won’t have to wander across websites to do so. It’s quite easy since you’d simply have to use a review monitoring system to keep track of all of your reviews. You could do this for free on sites like Google, Foursquare, Yellow Pages etc.

STEP 2: Customer encouragement for reviews

The statement is quite obvious, isn’t it? A good word of mouth is always a positive for any business. It could be from friends, clients or any individual. And reviews are the source of positivity that’d propel your business.

There are a handful of ways in which you can encourage customers. Newsletters are a fine way to do so, by asking customers what they think about the services. This would simply draw in reviews.

Impressive post cards could do the trick. You could either post ‘em via mail or display them as posters with QR codes. Doing so would make it easier for users to post in reviews.

A pop-up on your website would have eyes poppin’ out. A limited array of pop-ups would certainly draw in attention, leading to reviews.

Check-in offers for physical visitors can also bring about positive reviews.

STEP 3: Ask your walk-ins

An impressive round of business with clients or customers would certainly leave both ends with a smile. And such a phase should bring about questions from your end for the customers that’d bring about reviews.

STEP 4: Respond Back to Reviews

Reviews aren’t always all smiles. Many occasions do come forward that bring along bad reviews. You can’t just pull your blanket after reading them. Rueful review responses are required to get your business back on track with a list of good reviews.

STEP 5: Optimize review sources when ‘help’ comes calling

One bad review doesn’t mean you have to shut the door. Negative reviews arise on both, big & small sites, but are prominently present on smaller sites.

So don’t sweat over a miniature mess. Be responsible and encourage positive reviews to overshadow the negative ones. This way, the horizon would only seem lit up.

If you are on the lookout to get more positive reviews for your business, check out our Review Widget, which will give you a chance to get more positive reviews on Google and Yelp. This will help not only your Local SEO efforts but also attract new business. The best part is, you can filter negative reviews from the back end. So if someone leaves a positive review, you request them to post the review on Google or Yelp. If the review is negative, we don’t ask them to post the review to third party sites and handle the customer in a way that it does not become a bigger issue.

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