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Insight into new version of Google Analytics and its custom report features

By creating an additional dashboard your account, you can focus on some of your key metrics. Google Analytics has made available the new dashboards as part of the new version of Google Analytics. The new, enhanced features are just the beginning of the impending changes to the new analytics platform over time. Following is the key feature you can try out in the Analytics v5:

Sharing your custom reports

Once you are done with creating your Google Analytics report, you may obviously look to share the same with your team members. One of the most commonly tried out features of Custom Reports is sharing that lets users share a link to their custom report configuration with like-minded users.

Similar to the existing version, sharing your custom report in the new Analytics shares the structure of the relevant report alone, not necessarily the data from a user account. The one difference that needs to be kept in mind here, while sharing your custom report in the new Google Analytics version, the link will invariably reflect its state or status when you first have created the link. Share the same with your friends and colleagues, if you create report, and then make additional changes, and still the first or original version of your report would be pointed to.

Have you spent considerable amount of time to make the perfect custom report in the earlier Analytics version? There is no need to worry, though. The Analytics team has come up with a migration tool to assist you in migrating your reports from the previous old version to the new analytics interface.

You will see from the ‘Custom Reports’ overview, a section ‘Migrate Custom Reports’, which will help you know if you’ve any reports to be migrated. Remember, migration will only work one way. And once you have moved them over the new Analytics version, you will not be able to utilize them in previous version. Making use of standard reports for analyzing your site can probably only take you so far, hence the Google researcher team has tried to make custom reports more potent and more convenient for Analytics v5.

As informed in the previous post, the new version of Google Analytics is already available to people. It’s available in beta mode to all users. And follow the same on Twitter for the most recent updates. Among the things that you can try in Analytics v5 are creating an additional dashboard (with an aim to focus on your key metrics), setting up an Event Goal for tracking interactions such as downloads, video engagement etc; Graph and compare any of the two rows with Plot Rows over time; seeing your favorite report with help of Report Finder; and flipping between the different profiles and websites while focusing on the same report.

Users can still access both – old and new – Google Analytics versions and they can switch between the two versions at any moment. Over time, a few features from the earlier version like PDF export and email scheduling will be enabled.