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Often neglected, Google’s below par social networking handle will get a much-needed shot in the arm. Yes folks, we’re talking about Google’s long forgotten social networking site Google+.

Google’s VP, Bradley Horowitz recently made an announcement that they will refurbish two best features of its much less logged-in site, Communities and Collections.

The company said that the refurbishing idea took place on the basis of past two months of their existing Social Networking research. Based on the research, Google found that Communities, which acts as a social discussion forum, gets more than 1.2 million hits on a daily basis. Whereas Collections, which was recently launched in May as a dashboard feature to provide people and brands a better platform to share and organize their posts, is expanding at a faster rate.

That’s why the revamped Google+ dashboard features, Communities and Collections are in more prominent positions as compared to their previous isolated Home pull down menu position. The new dashboard has a more spacious feel to it than the older one.


On the recently drafted changes, a Google spokesperson said -

“We’ve made it easier to find Communities and Collections in search, post to Communities and Collections and browse all your favorite content in a beautiful new home stream. The new web experience loads fast and works beautifully on the smallest mobile screens and the biggest desktop displays.”

With that said, Google+ with its new dashboard features look will be available to users on the web as an extra opt-in option. The users can explore this option by clicking on “Let’s go” in the lower left corner of its dashboard functionality. Laced with the new look, these features can be expected to be launched for iOS and Android apps in the near future.


Nevertheless, it remains to be seen whether Google+’s new sharing focus manages to equally interest both users and marketers, or not. Especially after several marketers expressed their heart felt condolences to Google+ as a marketing tool, could this development inject a new lease of life into Google+? Only time will tell.

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So, Google has now officially announced that Google+ will sever ties with its popular video uploading entity YouTube. This development comes several months after Google stopped forcing its users to create accounts under it’s not so popular Google+ social network. After initial excitement, G+ network could not ramp up numbers or sustain excitement in its social network. So for the sake of numbers (users), Google made it mandatory to create a Google+ profile to create accounts on other services they own. Many people were absolutely livid with this (as you can imagine). Forcing people to do something against their will never works which is why Google has now decided to reverse this extremely unpopular decision.

Google YouTube Have Parted Ways

About the development, Google’s Bradley Horowitz says “Your underlying Google account won’t be searchable or followable unlike the public Google+ profiles. And those who already created Google+ profiles but don’t plan to use it, we’ll offer better option for managing and removing these public profiles.” He further added that Google+ integration with other websites would be a slow and a gradual process. He said that “in coming months, a Google account will be all you need to share your content, communicate with contacts, create YouTube channel across all Google platforms”.

Google had always been criticized over its attempts of integrating YouTube videos to the Google+ profile to give it much needed boost. Because of this, there was a growing concern and uproar among the users who felt that they were forced into the deal.

YouTube further clarified that the users who were unhappy with the integration will just need to press the button to disintegrate their YouTube profile with Google+.

This reminds us of early 2002. Microsoft was kind of desktop and enterprise segment, but was totally clueless about its online strategy. Google came in and started dominating online space kicking out Microsoft and others. It seems Facebook is doing the same to Google for Social. There is a lot of money to be made in Social contextual ads and it seems Google will be missing the boat. One option Google has is to utilize 70 billion dollars in cash which they have and buy some good social companies. Twitter should probably be their first choice. So we might hear more chatter of Google’s attempt to either buy twitter or some other social company.

Google has been accused that it does not take its social network seriously. While Facebook and Twitter both have great developer network and community, Google’s efforts to cultivate the developer community have been mediocre at best. A simple thing like publishing to G+ page needs your app to be whitelisted by them. Which is crazy when compared to how easy it is to setup and start using Facebook and Twitter or any other Social API to publish.

Coming back to the news, post this development, YouTube will be among the first big service to move away from Google+. So far, we’ve seen Google strip Google+ out of Gmail, Search, the navigation bar, Photos and Hangouts. With YouTube integration out the window, there really isn’t too much of Google+ left in the other Google products.

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