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Does your landing page reflect your prospects’ aspirations?

You might have everything that you can think of, well in place that are essential for making a perfect landing page – relevant traffic sources, usability etc – and still suffer from satisfactory user engagement metrics. The missing link perhaps is perhaps your failure to talk to users in the right way. To elaborate, you should know exactly what they’re looking for on a landing page? Is convenience their priority? Or are they more price conscious than quality conscious? And what are your immediate competitors emphasizing about their product portfolio? Where does your brand stand? Continue reading

Dabbling in personal analytics for customized search

In today’s technology driven and Web-oriented world, all of us are bound to accumulate a vast load of data about ourselves and our lives – including searches, e-mails, quick posts, and other forms of communications – both offline and online.  Can all this information – public and personal – be organized into a database and analyzed to tell us something more meaningful about our own selves? Continue reading

Six tips to build a loyal customer base online

As we know, anyone can think of setting up a blog and then do in a matter of day or so. But the easiest part ends here because you will require quite a bit of groundwork and research to be a successful blogger. Establishing your credibility and increasing the popularity of your blog demands a supreme effort. Realizing the intrinsic potential of the tool and drawing real benefits of blogging demands outsourcing of skill and expertise. Continue reading

Pitfalls of neglecting social media in terms of brand building

An in-depth and accurate knowledge of your prospects’ mindset does help, when it comes to building great products, and give good services. If a mismatch exists between their aspirations and your offerings, a business is most likely to suffer. Social media plays a key role in bridging the gap, allowing you to exactly deliver what your customers want, putting your business on a solid ground.  Continue reading