Six tips to build a loyal customer base online

As we know, anyone can think of setting up a blog and then do in a matter of day or so. But the easiest part ends here because you will require quite a bit of groundwork and research to be a successful blogger. Establishing your credibility and increasing the popularity of your blog demands a supreme effort. Realizing the intrinsic potential of the tool and drawing real benefits of blogging demands outsourcing of skill and expertise.

Blending social media with blogging activity

As we have grasped in the previous post, a clever usage of social networking platforms can help to share relevant posts. Here are some handy tips to build a loyal customer online:

  1. When you write something new, share the post with those concerned in your network or community. Tagging a blog post to your account on a popular networking channel helps a great to leverage the reach and power of platforms like MySpace, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.
  2. You can keep your loyal base of readers in the loop and keep them updated about the latest happenings in your company and the industry. But this is where you need to be a bit careful and cautions.
  3. Don’t push blog as a direct sales channel. In fact, many small businesses and entrepreneurs tend to focus their blog on promoting a new product launch or pushing a new service instead of providing useful content. They try to use it more as a sales channel rather than employing it as a relationship building tool. Instead the core of blogging should be n solving readers’ problems.
  4. Align your posts to concerns and queries of users. Remember, blogging won’t yield the desired results if you indulge in a blatant marketing campaign. Instead deftly weave it into social media avenues to build bridges with your prospective customers. This is something, which won’t happen overnight.
  5. You need to be patient and consistent in your efforts and sustain them over a period of time. If you remain focused on issues that concern your uses, they will start identifying with what you write. This holds the key to a successful blog. Blend the respective strengths of both blogging and social media tools to strike a chord with your prospects.
  6. Use social media’s immense reach to alleviate doubts and concerns of your customers about your service and product portfolio. The blog can be a perfect medium to answer their questions by linking the activity to your Facebook page.

Keep in mind the fact that general or generic hits are of little significance as compared to loyal readers who stick to you on a prolonged basis. In this context, social media has an equally important role to play in making your blog popular.