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Targeted keywords discovery and your content strategy

The first important step in a marketing campaign’s conceptualization, Search Marketing included, is to assiduously define its target audience – a set of users who you’re going to focus your product/service pitch on – so as to enhance conversions. The process plays a major role in effectively reaching out to both new and existing customers. It traditionally involves ascertaining broad parameters such as geographic locations, age, sex, and especially their aspirations as well as needs (pain points). Continue reading

Tips for creating impactful and successful ads

The text of your ad will determine the success of any search-driven campaign to a large extent. Its content is a crucial factor to attract your customers and engage them. By having a quick look at the copy, they mostly make their minds whether to pay a visit to your website or simply skip it altogether. Continue reading

Importance of keyword relevancy and tips to ensure it

A crucial aspect of a successful Google AdWords account is the relevancy of ads, key terms and site. A measurement known as Quality Score is used by Google to encourage quality ads. The idea is to enhance ad performance and maintain cost efficiency.  Let us try to follow what relevancy means and to what extent it matters for keywords. Continue reading