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Implications of Facebook Timeline for small businesses

Facebook Timeline is going to become mandatory for everyone, all companies included, post March 30, 2012. There are several key changes, but some of them are absolutely crucial from branding and marketing perspective so that they should be carefully considered. This is necessary for a brand – irrespective of size, scale and domain – to fine tune its marketing strategy and align it with the new features. Continue reading

Locate growth opportunities with business networking

If you have your eyes set on any business organization or company, be it Bank of America, Procter & Gamble or Time Warner, it’s definitely a good idea to be following their respective LinkedIn pages.  The networking platform sure has carved a niche for itself in social media arena with its utilitarian bent. Continue reading

Gleaning insights on your industry, domain and business

For any company in the arena of social networking, it is not that easy surviving – leave aside thriving – in the shadow of Twitter and Facebook. With millions of active users worldwide constantly connecting/ communicating with friends, exchanging photos, trading articles and videos, or simply whiling their time away on popular social games, the latter has pretty much dominated the landscape. Continue reading