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Gleaning insights on your industry, domain and business

For any company in the arena of social networking, it is not that easy surviving – leave aside thriving – in the shadow of Twitter and Facebook. With millions of active users worldwide constantly connecting/ communicating with friends, exchanging photos, trading articles and videos, or simply whiling their time away on popular social games, the latter has pretty much dominated the landscape.

Twitter, the other dominant player, has managed to carve a niche by creating a platform for those keen to convey their ideas within 140 characters at a time.

LinkedIn Company Pages

In spite of this, LinkedIn has managed to hold its own as a popular networking site for professionals, business people and entities, looking to establish mutually beneficial contacts. LinkedIn Company Pages claim to represent more than 50,000 useful products and services. And that number is fast growing.

Secret of the networking platform’s success is its knack for introducing a range of innovative capabilities for its members to glean insights on their industry and domains. It provides ways and ideas to both more effectively manage their Company Page and to make it convenient for customers to recommend the same.

The new handy features

A new series of features it has just launched for companies will let them draw deeper insights on how well their respective Company Page is performing; see how many LinkedIn members are paying a visit to the page on its analytics tab; and find out how many members are following their company. It becomes possible to see what domains, industries and functions these professionals possess and belong to.

The members can now also track the interaction with their Careers Tab or Products/Services Tab, check exactly how many people are clicking on promotional banners, and how many actually opt to contact people at the company. In essence, everything that small business owners need to find out for managing the organization’s Web presence can do so with help of the powerful Analytics tab. More so, they can compare each one of these data slices against others to benchmark the performance.

Greater control over Company Page of your brand

There is now more flexibility to control the privacy settings with new administrative controls put in place. It now becomes possible to provide each employee with editing rights to the page. Or you may do so only for a select few employees.

It is much easier for both existing and prospective customers to recommend you just by using LinkedIn’s Recommend button on your respective site. When they choose to spread a positive word about a company’s products and services, it serves as the most credible endorsement. Embedding the ‘recommend’ button on the site will make it easier for users to get you more customers. More such handy features courtesy LinkedIn

Recommendations widget will help ambitious professionals to set their business and career rolling.