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Comparing Google and Microsoft trademark policies

A recent move on part of Microsoft to let advertisers bid on their competitors’ trademarks definitely needs a closer look. For the company, this particular step is likely to fetch higher revenue, as it opens up a popular new segment of key terms on adCenter platform and effectively bidding gets more intense on many of those trademarked brand terms in demand. Continue reading

How Microsft adCenter will adjust the campaign budget?

We shall know about the specifics and certain key factors that come into play when you want set a budget on per month basis instead of daily basis and how you can divide it effectively across the month. For a budget per month option you divide it across the month, or spend it until depleted. Let us understand in a greater depth. Continue reading

A new and powerful search alliance for consumers and advertisers

Along with Google Adwords, Microsoft adCenter and Yahoo! Search Marketing are among the most dominant PPC engines on the scene. The transition of the latter’s ad serving to adCenter is already over in the US and Canada. It is now claimed that the combined entities can reach out to about 165 million searchers making use of Microsoft and Yahoo! sites, providing a volume of more than 5.7 billion searches every month. Continue reading