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A quick recap of new adCenter features and enhancements

Previously, changes to Microsoft’s adCenter interface would not take place with so much of regularity – just once or twice at the most, a quarter. However, this is going to change with more frequent updates in the offing – Broad Match Modifier, the Mac-driven desktop version, a customized version for smaller businesses, plus more integrated interactive advertisements on Bing, to name a few. Continue reading

Understanding differences between adCenter & Adwords and a new Quality Score feature

Perhaps you are a medium or small sized business owner who has been spending a considerable amount of time and energy meticulously planning out your Google PPC account. You understand the important role it plays for your promising and fast emerging business on the Web. It is quite understandable that you don’t have the inclination to repeat the whole exercise and perform it all over again for some other search engine. Continue reading

New and improved features of Microsoft Advertising adCenter

If you wish to make optimum usage of Microsoft Advertising adCenter, you should be aware of the latest features and enhancements that it has on offer. It is important to learn basics of managing your online advertising account with the latest upgrade on Microsoft Advertising adCenter (Fall 2010 Upgrade). Continue reading