New and improved features of Microsoft Advertising adCenter

If you wish to make optimum usage of Microsoft Advertising adCenter, you should be aware of the latest features and enhancements that it has on offer. It is important to learn basics of managing your online advertising account with the latest upgrade on Microsoft Advertising adCenter (Fall 2010 Upgrade).

It comprises a number of vital changes that emphasize on providing users with greater business insight, improved campaign management and added convenience. Here’s a quick features for the latest upgrade:

  1. A report on search campaign change history: Find out the vital clues to future actions through past ones like the first time you attempted a new keyword. You can get answers to such important questions with the findings of this crucial report. It will track the vital change history for search accounts, campaigns, ads, ad groups, and keywords.
  2. Import/export improvements: You can export an elaborate Excel spreadsheet containing campaign details. This will make bulk editing simpler. You can re-import the same into adCenter. Formats remain consistent between the DesktopBeta and adCenter UI. You may save and also restart an incomplete or pending import process at any given time.
  3. Improved search network distribution: A user can enjoy control over where search ads get displayed, and will be in a position to choose search ad network distribution just at the ad group level. You may opt to display on Yahoo! Search as well as Bing – on partner platforms exclusively – or on the whole search network (the default setting). For existing Yahoo! advertisers, it is still necessary to manage Yahoo! Search Marketing account till ad serving is fully transitioned to adCenter.
  4. Improved site exclusion: You can make use of the enhanced site exclusion feature for your search ads to designate – at both the campaign and ad group level – up to 500 websites where you do not wish to display search ads. By conveniently managing the websites on which your ads won’t be displayed, your paid search campaigns’ ROI will improve.
  5. Budget improvements: This updated feature will allow you to plan your campaign budget better as you are ensured of a more consistent daily spend. It will thus be much closer to your original allocation. If you’ve marked a low budget in anticipation of overspending, you may now increase it so that it better reflects the actual amount you wish to spend.
  6. Precise campaign analytics: The campaign analytics features will offer details of visitor activity on your site arising out of paid search campaigns. That consists of advertising cost and visitor-related data like conversions, the revenue generated from them etc. The reports cover additional information like your site traffic sources and segmentation by attributes like gender, geographical location and age group.

The UI and API feature updates are now available. Many of these are designed specifically to draw you the most from search advertising spend.