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What holds the key to establish and promote your brand?

In today’s competitive world, each entrepreneur – online or offline – looking to scale the highest peaks of success, will also encounter the lowest valleys, along the way. In the journey towards achieving set goals, there are bound to be share of both successes and failures. A budding business person ought to bear in mind the fact that the path towards success is perhaps more challenging than what it might seem initially, filled with innumerable hurdles. Continue reading

Gleaning insights on your industry, domain and business

For any company in the arena of social networking, it is not that easy surviving – leave aside thriving – in the shadow of Twitter and Facebook. With millions of active users worldwide constantly connecting/ communicating with friends, exchanging photos, trading articles and videos, or simply whiling their time away on popular social games, the latter has pretty much dominated the landscape. Continue reading

What makes Flock a capable social Web browser?

Do you surf Twitter and Facebook on your Web browser instead of employing a separate desktop app for these popular social networks? There are many who prefer to opt for the browser tab to run everything online rather than try switching among programs. Of course, if you wish to network sans deserting your browser, Flock is a great choice. Continue reading