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The search engine giant tries to catch up with the social media leader

Google has made an attempt on many occasions in the past, albeit without much success at it, to take on the might of popular social networking platform and ride the new media wave. Of course, we all remember Google Buzz and then Orkut, or for that matter, Google Wave! Google is not going to give up so easily, it seems. Continue reading

Important aspects of a successful SMO strategy

Social Media Optimization (SMO) now plays a major role in enhancing and expanding your business network across the World Wide Web. It is rightly believed that larger your customer base, the more business opportunities that you can explore. This will result in increased sales and higher profit margins. Ultimately, you enjoy a greater success! The key lies in leveraging social networks to create a buzz about your products/ services on regular basis. Here is how you can benefit from the popular and powerful social networking avenues to achieve the desired business goals: Continue reading