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Key elements of your mobile SEO analytics strategy

Marketers now realize that the fast-growing ‘mobile’ users’ specific requirements and demands must be fulfilled for best possible customer engagement. An effort also must be made to leverage the SEO benefit and the conversions gains from the wireless revolution. In this context, which are some of the things to do to avoid mobile search transcoding? And how to perform mobile SEO? Continue reading

Learn to leverage the combined power of PPC and SEO

Initial research is vital to both PPC and SEO! The process of finding bargain keywords to increase your customer acquisition can be initiated in conjunction with SEO to achieve the desired results faster. Blending of both can transform a business site into a potentially visible and prominent one on SERPs, driving more traffic and consequentially higher sales within a short span of time.  At the core of it lies a sustained flow of quality leads. Continue reading

Things to keep in mind before you conduct the Conversion tracking experiment

The Website Optimizer tool lets you test changes in the content of your site pages in order to precisely find out what text will be most powerful and highly effective in ensuring conversions. Before conducting an experiment, consider specific aspects that you would like to check as part of it; the more thought and preparation you put in prior to the test, the more comprehensive results you will derive out of it. Here are a few more things to keep in mind prior you conduct the experiment. Continue reading

What are the roles that affiliates and merchants play in a network?

Any popular network has thousands of merchants all plugged in to it. They have varied types of product categories cutting across domain they are selling, each willing to offer commission on that sale, if and when you fetch a customer. Continue reading

Nuisance value of viral campaigns and how to deal with them

In the current competitive environment, even a minor cribbing from an anonymous customer about you can go viral fast. No company wants to emulate the United Airlines that took a beating after choosing to ignore a frustrated passenger. This angered musician posted a sarcastic song on YouTube about the ‘careless’ airline damaging his guitar. The video has already received over 8 million views. Continue reading