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New features from search engine giant for enhanced user experience

Keen to enhance the quality of its page ranking algorithm in an endeavor to provide more quality and informative websites to users cutting across domains and geographies. The search engine giant has been bringing about a series of changes to shore up its page ranking attributes, indexing methods, and a host of other features. We’ve already checked some of the search quality updates initiated by Google in the recent times, including country identification for pages; more domain diversity; local navigational search improvements; more local websites from organizations, and smoother ranking changes for fresh search results, among others. We review other changes that form part of the most recent enhancements: Continue reading

Relevance of Rich Snippets for enhanced conversions

Rich Snippets provide summarized information at a glance about specific searches. They draw the attention of users to relevant site pages by offering instant and concise details in result pages. In spite of their small stature or scale, they can be very handy to website publishers and webmasters. Including them within the source code lets Google make more sense of the webpages. Sites using this form of labeling system for their structured content will obviously enjoy greater visibility in SERPs. Continue reading

A search engine that can produce customized corporate versions

Unlike Bing or Google, Wolfram Alpha does not actually forage the Web. It tries to cull information from its own meticulously curated database to come up with answers. Its goal is to make all kinds of systematic knowledge immediately computable and available to all. Its researchers make constant innovations with regular data updates to countless sources and improvements to its natural-language parser, new data sets and functionality. The formal name of this computational knowledge engine’s new version is ‘Wolfram Alpha Pro, and Dr’. Continue reading

Quick tips for video content optimization

Video marketing has become a major area of activity for marketers. Online video sites and content platforms derive a significant amount of traffic on the Web, making them a major hub of advertising and brand promotion. The marketing experts are constantly working on different ways and means for optimizing the intrinsic ability of videos. Apart from creating a quality content, it is also important to ensure that the content helps you access and attract your target audience. Continue reading