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What is the prerequisite to attaining successful site conversion optimization?

If you are keen to increase online leads and business from your site, the analysis techniques along with best practice approaches are of prime importance. It is important to make your online campaigns more effective and more precise through routing users to the most relevant pages for generating higher sales. Continue reading

How to select the right type of conversion tracking experiment?

For improving the conversion rates of specific pages or your business site as a whole, it is vital to choose the right type and mode of experiment, at the outset.  We shall consider a few key aspects to grasp what test is suited for your purpose so as to take an informed decision before you go ahead with testing. Continue reading

What are the benefits of Website Optimizer tool?

Website Optimizer is a simple and easy-to-use tool that is quite handy for the purpose of testing website content, which delivers a series of actionable results. There are a host of benefits that elaborate testing can bring. For instance, it allows direct feedback from your visitors. Continue reading