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What are the benefits of Website Optimizer tool?

Website Optimizer is a simple and easy-to-use tool that is quite handy for the purpose of testing website content, which delivers a series of actionable results. There are a host of benefits that elaborate testing can bring. For instance, it allows direct feedback from your visitors.

Testing also makes it possible to increase effectiveness of your site and ensure visitor satisfaction. It goes without saying that this can lead to improved conversion rates and a better return on your investments (ROI).

Facility to try out several content combinations

Website Optimizer helps you analyze the effectiveness of different content combinations and their impact on your users. Proper testing enables you to identify what they respond to better in order to populate a site with the kind of content that will be more successful in attaining the results in terms of business you want.

You can try several content combinations with Website Optimizer, to figure out what will lead to the maximum conversions, whereas Clear reports will let you know what worked the best. By going different columns you will notice on a reports page, you can study your report. These will be somewhat different if you are viewing your report for a multivariate experiment or an A/B experiment, though you can interpret them exactly in the same way.

A peep into your site’s overall performance

The most immediate and pertinent insight into your site’s overall performance is provided by estimated conversion rate. This column suggests how effectively each content combination or variation is performing. You can see this as a numerical range. It’s also visually displayed in form of color-coded bars. If a particular combination is doing better than the original content, the bar turns green. Yellow bars indicate no definite conclusion. Gray shade denotes that it’s delivering the same output as the original, whereas a red one means that the content combination is performing poorly than the original.

Parameters to check the effectiveness of a a content combination

The chance to beat original column displays the probability that a content combination will become more successful than the original one. When numbers in it are around 95%, it means that a given combination can probably be a good replacement to your original content. Obviously, lower numbers in this column indicate that the corresponding combination is not good enough for replacement.

Improvement denotes the improvement in terms of percentage over the original content variation or combination. Because this is a ratio of a combination’s conversion rate to the original column’s conversion rate, it may often widely vary. It is suggested that you only focus on the improvement when a large chunk of data has been collected and it can be treated as more reliable. On the other hand, the ratio of conversions/ visitor is the raw data regarding conversions per site visitor generated by a particular content combination.