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Social sites drive sales this holiday season

This holiday season, a cross-section of retailers are increasingly turning to social sites like Facebook and Twitter to help people find and deliver their desired gifts. For example, big brands including Wal-Mart, Best Buy and Macy’s widely publicized their special Black Friday deals to their keen Facebook fans. Continue reading

Importance of conversion optimization for a site’s success

Conversion rate optimization, to put it simply, is grasping why most site visitors aren’t converting, then finding solutions and fixing the problem to set your business on the path of profitability. CRO matters if you want to make more money and boost business margins. Continue reading

Google AdWords Launches Placement Targeting

Google just announced that it has launched CPC model for it’s Site targeting campaign. It even renamed their model from “Site Targeting” to “Placement Targeting”. This would be welcomed by many advertisers since most of them felt comfortable with CPC model as compared to CPM model. Advertisers will be given a choice whether to opt for CPC model or CPM model. More information can be found here: